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Seattle Police Monitor Preliminary Assessment: Use of Force

The Monitor will be collaborating with the Seattle Community Police Commission to convene a series of Community Engagement Sessions around the completed comprehensive assessments of the Seattle Police. The goal of the Community Engagement Sessions is to inform the public on overall progress of the consent decree, communicate results of the assessments, and gain insights and ideas directly from the community on progress needed in 2022 to work toward compliance and closure of the consent decree effectively and legitimately.

The Monitoring Team will also provide an overview of how the City and SPD have responded to issues with SPD’s handling of protests in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.

The following questions provide the public and opportunity to comment on the Use of Force Assessment and provide the Monitor team with feedback and concerns regarding the assessment. If you wish to contribute, please answer the questions below:


Thank you for your time in providing feedback to the Monitor Team.

Upon completion of the Community Engagement Sessions, ideas from the community will be combined with assessment findings from the Monitor to inform and determine action items in 2022 for the City and federal oversight. Those findings will be shared on this website.

Please click "Submit" below to submit your remarks to the Monitoring Team.