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Preliminary Assessment: Stops and Detentions

Gavias Blockbuider Stops and Detentions


The Monitor will be collaborating with the Seattle Community Police Commission to convene a series of Community Engagement Sessions around the completed comprehensive assessments of the Seattle Police. The goal of the Community Engagement Sessions is to inform the public on overall progress of the consent decree, communicate results of the assessments, and gain insights and ideas directly from the community on progress needed in 2022 to work toward compliance and closure of the consent decree effectively and legitimately.

This page offers two resources:

  1. The Seattle Police Monitor's Preliminary Assessment on Stops and Detentions
  2. A Questionnaire Form link to facilitate public feedback on the Preliminary Assessment

You will find both below.

Document: Seattle Police Monitor Preliminary Assessment: Stops and Detentions February 2022

This executive summary provides a brief history of the stops and detentions reforms of the Consent Decree before summarizing the Seattle Police Department’s recent performance in this area. 

Click the link below to download the Seattle Police Monitor's Crisis Intervention Preliminay Assessment

Download Report

Community Feedback Form


The Monitoring Team has provided a form on this website to facilitate the community providing the Monitoring Team with input and ideas on policing services, policies, and practices for the City of Seattle as they related to Crisis Intervention. This form is open to the public.

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